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  • EQS7 Equalizer 7 band
  • EQS7 Equalizer 7 band
  • EQS7 Equalizer 7 band

EQS7 Equalizer 7 band

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The Comando EQS7 is a 7-band stereo equalizer / crossover specifically created for the mobile environment. The EQS7 provides poweerful features in a compact size: •


Seven equalization bands (50Hz, 125Hz, 750Hz, 2.2KHz, 6KHz and 16KHz), each frequency adjustable from -12 to +12 dB (-15 to +15 dB for subwoofer frequencies). • Subwoofer output uses a built-in 18dB per octave electronic crossover fixed at 60Hz or 90Hz.•


Three stereo RCA outputs to drive front, rear and subwoofer audio amplifiers. • An auxiliary stereo RCA input for use with portable devices , such as an MP3 player or DVD player.•


Separate controls for master volume, subwoofer volume (sub level), front/rear fader and selection of main or auxiliary inputs. • Extended frequency response from 20Hz to 30KHz with exceptional 100dB signal-to-noise perfomance. • Gold-plated RCA connectors to ensure the best audio signal output.

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