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  • VOLTM1-red


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Universal waterproof Voltmeter for: car / boat / ATV / UTV / caravan / caravans / travel trailer etc.Turning and locking system. Display: 3 bits, LED digital tube, optional lampshade (red).It works for 6V-31V. Small size and easy to install, works well to check voltage.Mounts in 1-1 / 8 "hole in panels facing up, 0.25" thick, nylon retaining nut holds gauge in place.Battery status between full charge and dischargeThe meter has easy-to-read LED segments and connects to your 12-volt system.It is used to monitor the battery voltage, with the reverse connection protection function, the line will not burn out.In time grasp the battery voltage status, voltage measurement purposes can also be used for other products.
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